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LAB FACILITIES                                                                         

The following laboratories are established and made available for student practical studies.


The objective of this laboratory is to learn about measurement of distances, angles, reduced levels and setting out works. The experiments include determination of distances using chain and tape, reduced levels and contours using level, bearing of lines using compass, horizontal and vertical angles using theodolite and graphical method using plane table. The following equipments are used for such work

  • Chains
  • Tapes
  • Arrows
  • Cross staff
  • Levelling staff
  • Subtense bar
  • Total Station
  • Dumpy level
  • Theodolites
  • Plane Tables
  • Digital Planimeter
  • Auto level


The verification of the principles and theories in fluid mechnics & Hydralics are carried in this laboratory. It includes the study in

• Kaplan turbine ,
• Francis turbine,
• centrifugal pump ,
• Centrifugal jet pump,
• Two stage self priming pump

• Double acting reciprocating pump
• Gear Oil Pump
• Venturimeter ,
• Orifice meter ,
• Rectangular/triangular notch ,
• Mouth pieces , Round orifices ,
• Bernoulli's apparatus,
• Pitot tube,
• Pipe fittings(Major losses & Minor losses).


The experimental work involved in this laboratory makes the student to understand the fundamental modes of loading of the structures and also make measurements of loads, displacements and strains. Relating these quantities, the student obtains the strength of the material and stiffness properties of structural elements.


Universal testing machine of 40 ton capacity,
• Compressometer,
• spring , Testing Machine,
• Hardness Testing Machine,
• torsion, fatigue and impact testing machines,
• Extensometer ,
• Beam deflection test apparatus,
• Le Chatelier's apparatus


· The student acquires the capacity to test the soil and assess its Engineering and Index properties. This Lab deals with the testing of soil with respect to Foundation Design and Construction, Pavement Design, Design of Underground and Earth Retaining Structures, Design of Embankment and Excavations, Design of Earth Dam.


• Sieves,
• Liquid and plastic limit apparatus
, • Shrinkage limit apparatus,
• Proctor compaction apparatus,
• UTM of minimum of 20 KN Capacity,
• Direct Shear Apparatus ,
• Three gang Consolidation Test Device ,
• Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus ,
• California bearing ratio test apparatus ,
• Dynamic Cone penetrometer ,
• Automatic Cone penetrometer .


A concrete & highway laboratory to learn the principles and procedures for testing Concrete and Highway materials.

• Concrete cube and Cylinder moulds,
• Sieves,
• Slump Cone Apparatus
, • Flow Table ,
• Compaction Factor Test Apparatus ,
• Vee Bee Consistometer ,
• Concrete mixer ,
• Vicats Apparatus ,
• Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus ,
• Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus ,
• Sieve shakers ,
• Accelarating Curing tank ,
• Flakiness & Elongation index,
• Vibrator.