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Electronic circuit lab Digital electronics lab Optical lab Microwave lab LIC lab DSP lab Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab Electronic System Design lab Networks lab Communication lab VLSI lab Embedded lab


Electronics Lab provides basic knowledge about the electronic devices like diode, transistor and thyristor families for application in circuits and devices. In circuits lab, the basic circuits for amplifiers and oscillator are designed, and tested. In addition to electronics circuits and simulation ,the design of digital electronic devices like half adder and full adder are done using logic gates. In Simulation lab the exercises involves designing power supplies, regulators and oscillators .


Communication engineering laboratory offer training in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signals. The concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation , various digital communication techniques and recent communication techniques like fiber optic techniques are demonstrated The Communication Laboratory supports research and professional activity .

Study and analysis of critical issues in advanced communication systems including CDMA, OFDM, UWB and MIMO. Novel transmitter and receiver design methodology and algorithms have been used to overcome fading in wireless channels.


The optical communication laboratory is equuipped with fiber optic trainer kits and modules to enable the study of an optical communication system. Characteristics of fiber connect derivation, digital modulation using fiber optics, loss characteristics of cables etc. are studied.


Involves study of the principles of design ,operation of combinational logic circuit, sequential logic circuits, digital instruments, digital control systems, PLC programming. All digital I.C related experiments are carried out using trainer kits as well as software like VHDL. The testers for IC are available. These digital IC kits are used to study the logic gates, flip flops and counters. VLSI tools along with Digital Works 3.04 are used to construct digital logic circuits and analyze their behavior through real time simulation.



VLSI-oriented algorithms and advanced VLSI architectures are used to develop intelligent integrated systems for real-world applications such as highly safe intelligent systems, intelligent robot systems and information appliance systems.

This lab gives the ideas to the students to achieve power minimization under a time/area constraint using high-level synthesis techniques


Experiments on signal processing is done using MATLAB software and Code Composer studio. This lab impart the knowledge about usage of various DSP processors likeTMS320C5X series, ADSP 21XX series for processing signals . Students can analyze various concepts through simulations and implementation in DSP Processor.


To use microprocessor & DSP and how to use them for various real time applications.

To understand the basic working principles of various electronic gadgets such as mp3 players, cell and digital cameras.


To reduce the size and cost of the product and increase the reliability and performance.


This lab gives oppurtunityThis lab gives oppurtunity

To do networking experiments using trainer kit and software and to study the use of different network protocols and verification of different algorithm for network application through Simulation.

To study and analyze the behavior of various network nodes and links.


Tostudy the methodology and organization of electronic system design and their trends and alternatives.

To study the CMOS products like TRIAC,DIAC,IGBT which finds application in power electronic devices .

For Computer-aided design of digital electronic system


Students are exposed to Microprocessor and micro controller architecture, with emphasis on control applications, Assembly language programming, Interfacing with emphasis on control algorithms and project protocols. In such devices they do simple operations like adding, multiplying, searching and sorting. Also they study the control of stepper motor, DC motor, 7 segment and LED display.