About Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Power System

Generation, Transmission and distribution forms components of where Thermal power system where Nuclear, Solar, Wind Power forms the source centres. Now every Industry involves Co-generation also.

Power Electronics

Converters and Inverters are placed in power electronics to improve power quality. Nowadays power semiconductor devices play a major role in Power electronics Industry.


Robotics and Control

It includes sensors, electric & pneumatic actuators and their integration which brings many job opportunities to Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering will lead to potential careers in the areas of R & D, design, system analysis, installation & commissioning, maintenance, manufacturing, testing, programming & software engineering.


Manufacturing Electrical Equipment

For monitoring, improving their processes & equipment to enhance efficiency & maximize plant productivity, electrical engineer's play a major role in manufacturing Industries which produce motors, Generators, Alternators, Transformers and Switch gears.