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In our march towards the progress and apogee of achievements and excellence, we have crossed one another important milestone by occupying a new separate building for our portal of knowledge and wisdom. Our new three storied library building is having 7790 Sq.ft plinth area. The library is a vast storehouse of knowledge with over 33,115 volumes and more than 108 regularly subscribed journals including foreign online journal, Delnet. It maintains separate collections of Reference Books, Standards, and Bound volumes of Journals, Technical Reports, and Theses. It also has a collection of over 1677 resource Compact Discs, and Video Cassettes under various titles. The multimedia section of the library comprising of Interactive Multimedia CDs caters to the software needs of students, and more books are being added every year. In addition, each department has a Departmental Library to cater to the needs of the students for textbooks and reference books.