Lap faculties


The laboratories and workshops of our department have been fully established and equipped with the recent machineries, tools and kits as per the latest syllabus of Anna University , Tiruchirappalli. The institution offers individual facilities to the students and preparing them to be concurrent with the industrial working environment. Some of the laboratories to be focused are


The lab consists of 32 computer machines with high configuration in which licensed operating systems and necessary softwares like AUTOCAD, INVENTOR, PROE, ANSYS etc. have been installed. The laboratory facilities also comprises of a CNC turning centre and a CNC milling centre in which the students are learning about advanced manufacturing process.


This laboratory has hydraulic, pneumatic and electro pneumatic circuits for various operation and control studies. HYDOSM, PNEUSM are used for simulation studies of these circuits. PLC programs are used for the design of various controls in industries. LABVIEW software is used for simulation study of pressure, flow, speed, stepper motor controls etc.


In Dynamics laboratory balancing of rotating masses, vibration, governer, power transmission and its mechanisms used in machineries etc. are studied. The important apparatus available in this lab are

  • Epicyclic gear train
  • Cam & Follower
  • Vibration Table
  • Governer
  • Dynamic Balancing Machine
  • Whirling of Shaft
  • Gyroscope


Measurement instruments are studied and calibrated in this laboratory. Few remarkable instruments used in metrology lab are

  • Screw Gauge
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Vernier Height Gauge
  • Slip Gauge
  • Dial Gauge
  • Gear Tooth Vernier
  • Sine Bar
  • Floating Carriage Micrometer
  • Tool Makers Microscope
  • Optical Projector
  • Comparators

5. Thermal Lab

Heat balance test are carried out on various Internal Combustion Engines like single cylinder petrol engine, Maruti engine, single cylinder diesel engine, multi cylinder petrol engine, multi cylinder diesel engine. Also working principle of two stroke, four stroke engines are studied. Valve timing diagrams and port timing diagrams are also been studied in this laboratory. A boiler with steam turbine setup is also available to study the performance of the boiler, turbine and power plant.

Heat transfer lab comprises verification of heat transfer laws and study of parallel and counter flow heat exchange, Natural and forced conventions and experimentations in refrigerators and air conditioners .

6. Manufacturing Technology Lab

This lab consists of several sub divisions which deals with the manufacturing processes, metal forming processes, metal joining processes and machining processes.

Foundry shop explains the process of making moulds for several patterns like single piece / solid pattern, split pattern, skeleton pattern, loose piece pattern, core making etc.

Sheet metal work comprises the process of making simple parts like tray, cylinder, cone etc. from thin metal sheet.

Joining of two similar metal plates is done in the welding lab. A transformer or a generator may be used as power source.

Machining operations like turning, drilling, shaping, grinding etc are practically carried out in lathe shop and special machine shop. Our department has 15 lathes for training the students individually. Also we have capstan lathe, shaping machine, injection moulding machine, turret lathe, milling machine, surface grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, slotting machine, planning machine, gear hobbing machine and radial drilling machine.